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Hacettepe Internet TV

Hacettepe Internet TV is a web-based multimedia service containing both video-on-demand and live streaming videos. Viewers can follow live events within the campuses such as conferences, concerts, lectures and seminars via this system as well as recorded events and documentaries, on demand. The system is open to be utilized by the entire university community and aims to be a “visual archive” of the university.

The system was first established by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2004, and after the installation of its infrastructure in both campuses, it became available to the whole university in 2005. In 2008, some conference halls were equipped with robot video cameras to enable live broadcasts of the events from these halls. Since its inception, the management and maintenance of the system have been performed by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Another important aspect of the system is its high quality live TV streaming to the campuses. Various selected TV channels are received from satellite and converted to live streams by this system. Considering the suggestions received from the university staff and students, the TV channels are selected from a group of national TV channels the news and documentary contents of which dominate. Students, particularly those living in the dormitories, widely benefit from this system using their personal computers without needing a separate TV set.

Most of the university-based live broadcasts and recorded videos are open to the world; however the live commercial TV channels and some other videos are open to the staff and students only.

Efforts to increase the capacity for a wider collection of live TV channels as well as to improve live broadcasting capabilities are in progress.

The part of this web-site that is open to the world contains mostly university-based Turkish language content. Therefore no English version of this site is available at the moment.

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